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The West Virginia and Appalachia series is dedicated to the publication of works on the history and culture of the Mountain State and its region. This series publishes the best of a new generation of scholarship, integrating the historical and cultural experience of West Virginia and Appalachia into comparative regional, national, and international contexts. West Virginia University Press is the ideal location for such a series because of the state’s critical position in the region’s and the nation’s history. From its vital importance as a borderland between empires in the eighteenth century, to its warring sections in the Civil War era and role in America’s industrialization and “culture wars,” the story of West Virginia and Appalachia is an essential part of the story of America.

Series Editors:

Kevin Barksdale, Marshall University
Ken Fones-Wolf, West Virginia University 
Ronald L. Lewis, West Virginia University

white text over a map of West Virginia tinted orange with bordering part of Virginia in red and parts of bordering Pennsylvania and Ohio

The Fifth Border State
Scott A. MacKenzie

A Union for Appalachian Healthcare Workers cover, 1970s era Local 1199 union buttons

A Union for Appalachian Healthcare Workers
John Hennen

Wheeling's Polonia
William Hal Gorby

Never Justice, Never Peace
Lon Kelly Savage and
Ginny Savage Ayers

Memorializing Motherhood

Memorializing Motherhood
Katharine Lane Antolini