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photograph of a yellow tractor with four women's shadows silhouetted against it; text reads Gendered Infrastructures: Space, Scale, and Identity, edited by Yaffa Truelove and Anu Sabhlok

Gendered Infrastructures
Edited by Yaffa Truelove
and Anu Sabhlok

orange background with mall small gray stick figures carrying signs

Critical Geographies of Youth
Edited by Gloria Howerton
and Leanne Purdum

author name and title in yellow and white text on green background; subtitle in light red text on bright red background; image of cultivated land between Hawaiian mountains and ocean; image of a Hawaiian man with a microphone addresses a protest rally with many people, many of them wearing red

Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility
Andrea Noelani Brower

Red Harvests cover

Red Harvests
James A. Tyner

Feminist Geography Unbound cover

Feminist Geography Unbound
Edited by Banu Gökarıksel, Michael Hawkins, Christopher Neubert, and Sara Smith

The Political Ecology of Education cover

The Political Ecology of Education
David Meek

Famine in the Remaking
Stian Rice

Geography's Quantitative Revolutions
Elvin Wyly


Energy Culture
Imre Szeman and Jeff Diamanti