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cover of this book is free and yours to keep

This Book Is Free and Yours to Keep
Connie Banta, Kristin DeVault-Juelfs, Destinee Harper, Katy Ryan, Ellen Skirvin

the madison women cover

The Madison Women
Amanda E. Hayes

Text arrangement in the style of a political advertisement reading 'I Hate It Here, Please Vote For Me:Essays on Rural Political Decay'.

I Hate It Here, Please Vote For Me
Matthew Ferrence

A bright red background superimposed over an image of a bridge; text readers Hell's Not Far Off: Bruce Crawford and the Appalachian Left by Josh Howard

Hell's Not Far Off
Josh Howard

image of rough violin body in process

Finding the Singing Spruce
Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth

photo of the author, a white man, clean shaven, graying hair, wearing a black collared shirt with sleeves rolled up in front of a lake and trees

Community across Time
Rebecca Godwin

white text over a map of West Virginia tinted orange with bordering part of Virginia in red and parts of bordering Pennsylvania and Ohio

The Fifth Border State
Scott A. MacKenzie

Another Appalachia cover: photo of an Indian-American family and the author as a young child in front of Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, West Virginia, in the late 1980s, in the fall

Another Appalachia
Neema Avashia

African American Workers and the Appalachian Coal Industry cover: black and white photo of an African American man wearing a miner's helmet with a light and miner clothing

African American Workers and the Appalachian Coal Industry
Joe William Trotter Jr.