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black vertical stripe on the left with white text; drawn picture of a coronavirus in blue, green, yellow, and white

Essential Voices
Edited by Amy M. Alvarez,
Pamela Gemme, Shana
Hill, and Alexis Ivy

photo still from There Will Be Blood of a the back of a man sitting on a stool watching flames erupt some distance in front of him

Transportation and the Culture of Climate Change cover
American Energy Cinema
Edited by Robert Lifset, Raechel
Lutz, and Sarah Stanford-McIntyre

white background with a crossection of a tree

Ecologies of a Storied Planet in the Anthropocene
Serpil Oppermann

photo of the author, a white man, clean shaven, graying hair, wearing a black collared shirt with sleeves rolled up in front of a lake and trees

Community across Time
Rebecca Godwin

Abigail Field Mott’s The Life and Adventures of Olaudah Equiano: A Scholarly Edition
Edited by Eric D. Lamore

Cream background with black title, subtitle on yellow rectangle on top of a mural made out of cut out images of maps of Oregon, North Carolina, megaladon teeth, trees, a white house on a green lawn, a staircase, and early adolescent girls talking on porch sitting in chairs

Curing Season
Kristine Langley Mahler

Black tilted box in the center with white and blue text, in the background red linked sausages hanging vertically on an orange background

Bratwurst Haven
Rachel King

Green background with black textured rocks surrounding rocks in the shape of a footprint

Tom Bredehoft

White text on purple, pink, orange, green, and blue stripes with faint geometric patterns in the background

Inclusive Teaching
Kelly A. Hogan and
Viji Sathy