Course Adoption

West Virginia University Press provides examination copies of books you wish to consider for course adoption. You may mail or fax your request on your department letterhead specifying the title of the course, your expected enrollment, the semester or quarter in which the course will be offered, the course level (undergraduate or graduate), and any textbooks now currently being used for this course. According to our 90-day policy, we will also send you an invoice at a 20% academic discount, plus shipping charges, payable in 90 days. Should you adopt the book, return the invoice with proof of adoption, and the invoice will be cancelled. If you do not adopt the book, you may return it and have the invoice cancelled or purchase it at the 20% discount price.

If you have adopted a West Virginia University Press book for course use, and your textbook store has ordered at least ten copies of the book, you are entitled to one free copy of the book for your own use. Desk copy requests must be on departmental letterhead or utilize one of the standard AAP, NACS, or other forms. Please include the name and enrollment of the relevant course, as well as the name of the bookstore who handles your textbook requirements.

Send examination copy and desk copy requests to:
West Virginia University Press
Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley Ave.
Chicago, IL 60628 USA
Fax: (800) 621-8476 or (773) 702-7212


Algerian Diary

Ecological Governance
Bruce Jennings

My Radio Radio

My Radio Radio
Jessie van Eerden

The Rope Swing

The Rope Swing
Jonathan Corcoran

George Washington Written upon the Land

George Washington Written Upon the Land
Philip Levy

Riding on Comets

Riding on Comets
Cat Pleska

Rural America in a Globalizing World

Rural America in a
Globalizing World

Edited by Conner Bailey, Leif Jensen,
and Elizabeth Ransom

Working Class Radicals

Working Class Radicals
Frederick A. Barkey
With a foreword by Ken Fones-Wolf

They'll Cut Off Your Project

They’ll Cut Off Your Project
Huey Perry
Foreword by Jeff Biggers

Bringing Down the Mountains

Bringing Down the Mountains
Shirley Stewart Burns