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We are a small but dedicated professional staff. The West Virginia University Press provides a complete range of publishing services—copyediting, design, production supervision, advertising, publicity, sales, and marketing. We do not publish The Daily Athenaeum and are not involved with production of any WVU magazines, catalogs, or course packets.

Decisions about what to publish are made on the basis of several factors: quality, originality, and importance of the scholarship; fit with our list; evaluations by experts in the field; potential contribution to the author's discipline and academic discourse generally; and, in the case of regional books, service to the people of the state of West Virginia.

The WVU Press is editorially independent. A faculty advisory board reviews and votes on all proposed book projects, evaluating the quality and importance of both scholarly content and solicited peer reviews. Board approval is required before any book may be published.


Sarah Munroe
Marketing Manager and Acquisitions Editor

Sara Georgi
Managing Editor

Than Saffel
Production and Design Manager

Natalie Homer
Office Manager and Operations Associate