Computing Literature: Digital Writing and Literature

Computing Literature is a book series by the Center for Literary Computing at West Virginia University. This series brings together digital writing and literature through dynamic, exciting, and problematic encounters. CompuLit is where digital writing engages with literature--perhaps through the self-identification of a writer and works with remediated traditions and practices of literature or perhaps through qualities of work that become literary. In both cases, this series will publish unique perspectives on digital writing in/and literature. A particular priority are works that expand and diversify approaches to digital writing, whether through intercultural and interlinguistic approaches, or through new theoretical and conceptual paradigms. The goal of the series is to set out the theoretical and philosophical conditions of digital writing.

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Series Editors:

Sandy Baldwin, West Virginia University
Philippe Bootz, University of Paris VIII

Editorial Board:

Laura Borras, University of Barcelona
Helen Burgess, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Maria Engberg, Blekhinge Technical Institute
Jason Nelson, Griffith University
Alexandra Saemmer, University of Paris VIII
Janez Strehovec, University of Ljublijana

For more information, contact:

Sandy Baldwin
Center for Literary Computing
Dept. of English
West Virgnia University
PO 6296

This series is distributed by West Virginia University Press.