Author Guidelines - General

A set of guidelines for WVU Press authors who are under contract and preparing their manuscripts for production.

Publish with WVU Press

Authors who would like West Virginia University Press to consider their nonfiction work for publication should contact:

Derek Krissoff, Director
Email inquiries only. Please do not phone the office to discuss proposals or submissions.

WVU Press House Style Guide

A list of any variations from Chicago in the Press's editorial style

Permission Request

Would you like to reuse content from West Virginia University Press? It's easy for businessess, academic institutions, and individuals to secure permissions to reuse content. Simply click and connect to licensing services at, where you can choose from a list of options regarding how you would like to reuse your desired content and complete the transaction.

Filing for Copyright

A how-to for filing for U.S. copyright online.

Front Matter Checklist

A list of the items to be included in a book's front matter.

Copyright Checklist

A list of the items that should appear on a book's copyright page.

Copyright Page Notes

Detailed explanations of the elements the make up a copyright page.

Text Prep for Layout

Steps to stripping a text in preparation for input into InDesign.

InDesign Tasks

A description of how to accomplish basic InDesign actions, including creating new documents, building master pages, importing text, and setting/appying styles.