WVU Press House Style Guide

A list of any variations from Chicago in the Press's editorial style

Front Matter Checklist

A list of the items to be included in a book's front matter.

Copyright Checklist

A list of the items that should appear on a book's copyright page.

Copyright Page Notes

Detailed explanations of the elements the make up a copyright page.

Text Prep for Layout

Steps to stripping a text in preparation for input into InDesign.

InDesign Tasks

A description of how to accomplish basic InDesign actions, including creating new documents, building master pages, importing text, and setting/appying styles.

Preparing Corrections for Typesetter

Tips for composing lists of corrections for typesetters.

Preparing/Sending Corrections to Typesetter

Steps for preparing and sending final author/editor edits to the typesettter.

Track Changes (in Microsoft Word)

We use the Track Changes function to markup electronic texts and ask our editors to do the same. Here are some tips for using and customizing Track Changes.

Medieval Text Checklist

A checklist for editors working on one of WVU Press's medieval-focused texts that includes special considerations editors should keep in mind while working on these texts.