Filing for CIP

Directions for filing for CIP

Request an Exam Copy

Exam copies are issued to faculty members wanting to review a title for possible course adoption. Exam copies are invoiced at a discounted rate with 90 days to review the title. The invoice will be canceled if you adopt the book(s) for your class and tell us with which bookstore you placed your textbook order and how many copies were ordered. If you decide not to adopt the text, it must be returned to us in saleable condition or you may keep the book and pay the invoice in full. 

Author Guidelines - Multi-Author Texts

A set of guidelines for authors/volume editors of multi-author texts that do not fall into the Medieval European Series.

Checking Proofs

Although we always hope the page proofs from the printer are perfect, this checklist is useful when checking them one last time.

Submission Checklist

A checklist for authors submitting a final manuscript to the West Virginia University Press.


We are happy to negotiate permission to use material under copyright with West Virginia University Press.

If you have any questions please contact Derek Krissoff by e-mail, telephone, or post.

Creating Maps in Illustrator

Tutorials for creating maps in Adobe Illustrator.

Anomalies Sheet

A list of elements that should be listed on an anomalies sheet, as well as some examples of items that might be found on one.

Style Sheet

An example stylesheet prepared by an in-house editor to demonstrate the types of information that might typically be found on one.

Multi-Author Text Checklist

A checklist for editors working on multi-author texts that lists considerations specific to texts by multiple authors.