Text Prep for Layout

Text Prep for InDesign

Before the text is ready to go into InDesign for layout, the text needs to be stripped so it carries over into InDesign easily. The cleaner and less formatted the text is, the better the transfer between programs, since certain software (like Word and InDesign) may read text characteristics differently.

To prepare the text:

  • Proofread the text
  • Remove all tabs and indents (even on titles & subheads)
  • Remove double spaces after periods
  • Clearly identify subheads (by carriage returns and, if needed, dashes to indicate levels)
  • Underline all italic text
  • Apply strikethrough to all bold text
  • Underline and apply strikethrough to small caps
  • Make sure footnotes are linked to text
  • Note incidences of special characters or unusual fonts (i.e. Arabic, Old English) in case they don’t transfer correctly
  • Correct hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes
  • Accept (or reject) any Track Changes in the text