Submission Checklist

Authors' Checklist

Please go through this list carefully to ensure that your manuscript is ready for submission.
Download a printable version.

Manuscript Final Editing
Have you:

  • Made sure that the manuscript conforms to the style outlined in Chicago and our house style guide?
  • Prepared a style sheet and anomalies sheet and checked the manuscript against them?
  • Included all the parts listed in the guidelines?
  • Confirmed the spellings of names and terms, the accuracy of dates and quotations, etc., mentioned in the text?
  • Confirmed that the chapter titles (and subheadings) match the table of contents and all related cross-references?
  • Checked that each footnote/endnote has a corresponding reference number in the text, and vice versa?
  • Checked that the source citations in all footnotes/endnotes match the information in the bibliography?
  • Edited all charts, lists, and tables thoroughly?
  • Confirmed that all captions correspond to the proper images?

Manuscript Preparation
Have you:

  • Followed the electronic file preparation guidelines provided?
  • Double-spaced the text?
  • Used 1-inch margins?
  • Numbered the pages?
  • Used an easy-to-read font (e.g., Times New Roman)?
  • Avoided unnecessary formatting (e.g., drop caps, small caps, bold text)?
  •  Inserted notes into the electronic version of the manuscript and anomalies sheet to designate where images should be placed?

Manuscript Submission
Have you:

  • Sent the correct version of the manuscript?
  • Included the style list, anomalies sheet, and illustrations with the manuscript?
  • Received written permission (for print and electronic reproduction) for the use of any material owned by others (images, lyrics, poetry, etc.)?

Contact the Press as soon as possible with any questions or issues.