Preparing/Sending Corrections to Typesetter

Preparing/Sending Corrections to Typesetter

Preparing corrections for a manuscript for the final edits and communicating them to the typesetter needs to be done with care.  For tips on preparing the corrections, please see the how-to regarding that topic.

Preparing corrections:

  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of the text so the page numbers, footnote numbers, etc. match up for the typesetter.
  • Double-check each of the author’s corrections before listing them. (Don’t automatically assume the author is right—they do make mistakes sometimes.)
  • List global changes first.
  • Separate the list of corrections by chapter.
  • Include nearby words or phrases as location markers for each change, along with page & paragraph numbers.
  • Read the completed list of corrections to catch any mistypes—an error in the corrections can potentially make it into the book!

Sending corrections:

  • Include the text version number/file name (i.e. [Title]_v.1.3.indd) in the body of your email, as well as any special instructions to the typesetter.
  • CC Than on the email.
  • Attach the corrections as compatible Word document (.doc).