Multi-Author Text Checklist

Special Considerations: Multi-Author Texts

Many of the texts published by the West Virginia University Press are based on conferences or symposiums, which result in books in which each chapter is an essay written by a different author. This situation brings up considerations that aren’t as much of a concern in single-author books.

Pay special attention to:

  •  Consistency in spelling and capitalization
  •  Essay/chapter titles and authors’ names in the table of contents and introductions
  • Cross-references within the text and notes, where one author references part of another author’s essay (good candidates for an anomalies sheet)
  • Organization (e.g., are subheads numbered?)
  • Placement of notes (i.e., endnotes or footnotes) and numbering: in a multi-author text, the endnotes are usually at the end of each chapter, and usually numbering starts over with each new chapter.
  • Presence and format of specialized terminology
  • Factual consistency
  • Image callouts, terminology, and numbering

Note for in-house editors:

Your main contact for queries and other information will be the volume editor(s), unless otherwise informed. It is their responsibility to contact and coordinate with the separate authors.