Filing for CIP

Filing for CIP

  1. Prepare the text for submission.

    • You need a clean version—no tracked changes (the raw is fine)
    • Front matter will need to be composed. You need at least a draft of the title page, series page (if applicable) copyright page, and table of contents. (No formatting necessary, just text.)
    •  All of the text needs to be in a single Word document. This may mean you’ll have to copy and paste the chapters into a single document if they are separated.
    • The text needs to be tagged:

      • Title page: type <tp> at beginning and </tp> at end
      • Series page  (if applicable): <sp> at beginning and </sp> at end
      • Copyright page: <cp> at beginning and </cp> at end
      • TOC: <toc> at beginning and </toc> at end
      • Chapters: <ch#> at the beginning of each chapter (i.e., <ch1>, <ch2>, and so forth)
      • Type </ch> at the end of the last chapter (no number).
      • Do not tag other front matter such as intros or prefaces unless the introduction is Chapter 1.  Do not tag back matter—the final tag should be at the end of the last chapter.
    • Save the text as plain text.

      • Go to “Save As” and choose  “Plain Text (.txt)”
      • Click the radio button next to “Other Encoding” and choose Western (ASCII) from the list
      • Make sure “Insert line breaks” and “Allow character substitution” have been clicked on
      • Choose “OK”
  2. 2.    Log on to

    • Click “Continue”, then “Accept”
  3. 3.    Fill out form. Some boxes should be self evident, but:

    • Edition: Even if there is no edition listed on the title or copyright page, enter “First” in the box for edition. Any edition beyond the first will be noted on the copyright page/transmittal sheet for your reference
    • Author Info: Only enter author’s (or authors’) name (including middle if applicable). Leave the other boxes blank.
    • Volume Info: Click appropriate boxes for bibliography and index if the book will contain them
    • ISBNs can be found on the transmittal page (should be on the server). Enter all ISBNs issued for all formats—we issue both 10-digit and 13-digit ISBNs. Enter the 13-digit first, then the 10-digit for each format.  Under qualifiers specify “paperback” or “cloth” and click the box for permanent paper.
    • Subject: Click select and go with the closest choice—they’re very general topic areas.
    • Pub date should be on transmittal sheet.
    • Send CIP to Than. He is also the principal contact.  You are the in-house editor and Floann should be the person who will send a copy of the book (her info is usually already filled in).
    • After form is complete, PRINT a copy before clicking “Submit.” The printed copy can go in the production folder with the contracts
  4. 4. Attach the .txt file and click “Submit”