Text as Ride: Electronic Literature and New Media Art

The Rope Swing

Janez Strehovec

August 2016
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Text as Ride re-situates our understanding of new media in the social contexts of mobile apps, thrill rides, walking in the city, 3D cinema, video games, and DJ culture. Rather than a continuation of print-based literature by other means, this book considers electronic literature as a practice that foregrounds new media’s specificity. Janez Strehovec deals with post-hypertext e-literature that has become conceptual: moving beyond hyperlinked storytelling, deals with digital materiality and  boundaries of language; with code, textual ecology, and the limits of the sayable. This book will appeal to scholars of electronic literature, gaming, urban studies, cinema, and digital culture.


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Dr. Janez Strehovec is Associate Professor of  new media art theory and director of the Institute of New Media Art and Electronic Literature at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is the author of seven scientific monographs in the fields of cultural studies, digital literature, and aesthetics published.


"If you want to have a broader and deeper perspective on post-hypertextual electronic literature and how it intertwines with new media art, popular culture and emerging social and political paradigms, your best option is to take a ride with Janez Strehovec, whose sophisticated, unorthodox, and heuristic ideas and theories have been shaping and stimulating European e-lit discussions and discourses for two decades now."
 Markku Eskelinen