Word Space Multiplicities, Openings, Andings

Word Space, Multiplicities, Openings, Andings

Jim Rosenberg

December 2015
PB  978-1-940425-62-7
ePub  978-1-940425-63-4



Word Space Multiplicities, Openings, Andings will change your understanding of digital writing. The book offers the first comprehensive collection of Jim Rosenberg’s essays, gathering what may be the most significant and overarching single exploration of hypertext. It includes historically significant texts such as “The Interactive Diagram Sentence” as well as Rosenberg’s most recent essays. This book is required reading for digital humanists, electronic writers, and new media scholars.


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Jim Rosenberg is a poet and hypertext theorist who has been working in non-linear poetic forms in one medium or another since 1966. His best-known work is Intergrams. His interactive work includes dense overlays of words and intense structuring, typically by means of an external syntax. 


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