Copyright Checklist

Copyright Page

Every new book, new edition, and most reprints needs a copyright page. Chicago gives detailed instructions on what needs to be included, and it’s a good idea to look at some of the Press’s previous publications. 

Make sure all of the following information is included (and correct!):

  • Press name and location (city, zip code)
  • Copyright statement with year
  • “All rights reserved.”
  • Edition, year, and press
  • If applicable, first edition date and, if not WVU Press, publisher
  • Printing location (usually USA)
  • Impression numerals
  • ISBN-10
  • ISBN-13
  • Paper quality statement (“alk. paper”)
  • CIP information
  • Control number (assigned with CIP)
  • If applicable, acknowledgments or permissions
  • If applicable, grant/subsidy statement (sometimes on a separate page)