Copyright Page Notes

Copyright Notes

Press name and location
Typically, this reads “West Virginia University Press, Morgantown 26505), but for certain books, the press name should be Vandalia Press instead of West Virginia University Press. Vandalia is our “creative” imprint that focuses on books that aren’t scholarly research texts. The transmittal sheet should list the imprint.

Copyright statement
Regardless of imprint, the copyright usually belongs to West Virginia University Press. However, every once in while, the author retains copyright, so be sure to check (especially for creative works).

Edition, year, and press
This should include the edition number (i.e., first edition, second edition, etc.). Although many of the press’s books are new, we do publish new editions of our own books or of books published by other presses. The year is the current year of publication, and the press would be West Virginia University Press.

First edition date and publisher 
If the edition we publish is the first, then this is not applicable. However, if it was previously published, then the year and publisher of that edition needs to be noted. Sometimes, with much older books, a little research is needed and the “best guess” is the best we can do, especially if the book was self-published or published by a press that is no longer extant.

Impression numerals
The first set of numerals is always decreasing, starting with the ninth year after the publication date, while the second set is always increasing, beginning with one.

However, the nine numerals in the second set represent the number of “impressions” or printings of the book.  Thus, for each printing of the book, one of the numerals is removed, beginning with one and moving up.  (Thus, in a second printing, the first numeral with be a two, and so forth.)
Current ISBNs have thirteen digits; however, WVU Press assigns both 10-digit and 13-digit ISBNs, because the Chicago Distribution Center (our distributor) uses the 10-digit ISBN. Both should be included in the book. Note that the ISBN changes for each format, so the paperback, cloth, and electronic versions do not have the same ISBNs.  Each format only carries its own ISBNs on the copyright page.

CIP Information
The copyright page needs to include the text sent from the Library of Congress following the CIP application verbatim. If  you are drafting a copyright page, just type “Library of Congress Cataloguing-in-Publication”—once the CIP info is received, you can insert it below that line.

Control Number
At the end of the CIP information, there will be a 10-digit number alone on a line.  That number is the Library of Congress Control Number and should be noted as such.

Acknowledgments and Permissions
The copyright page is often where the credits for photos or past publications (e.g., if an article was previously published in a journal), as well as cover and design credits.

Grant/Subsidy Statement
Sometimes a book’s publication is funded or partially funded by a grant, which can be noted on the copyright page—the wording for this acknowledgment should be on the transmittal page. Occasionally, if the grant or foundation is important enough, there will be a separate subsidy page following the copyright page.