Editorial Resources

A list of useful resources for copyeditors and proofreaders.

Copyediting & Proofreading Tips

A set of tips for copyeditors and proofreaders prepared by our in-house editorial staff.

Author Queries

Advice on how to compose effective author queries when editing a text.


A list of abbreviations and terms used in the publishing and editing industries.

Filing for CIP

Directions for filing for CIP

Checking Proofs

Although we always hope the page proofs from the printer are perfect, this checklist is useful when checking them one last time.

Anomalies Sheet

A list of elements that should be listed on an anomalies sheet, as well as some examples of items that might be found on one.

Style Sheet

An example stylesheet prepared by an in-house editor to demonstrate the types of information that might typically be found on one.

Multi-Author Text Checklist

A checklist for editors working on multi-author texts that lists considerations specific to texts by multiple authors.