Filing for Copyright

Filing for Copyright

  1. Prepare text file.

    • Any complete copy of the text can be used for copyright. It’s usually easiest to use the text file created for CIP registration, but Word documents and PDF files are also accepted by the copyright office.
  2. Disable Internet popup blocker

    • In Firefox: Firefox→Preferences→Content→ Uncheck “Block Pop Up Windows”
    • In Safari: Safari→Click to uncheck “Block Pop Up Windows”
  3. Login at
  4. Fill out application

    • Choose “Register a New Claim” from the menu on the left and click “Start Registration” at the top of the new page
    • Generally, the form explains how to fill out each section, but:

      • Publication/Completion

        • For “Has this work been published?” answer “No”
        • Year of Completion = publication year
        • Leave “Preregistration number” blank
      • Authors

        • Even though the copyright is generally owned by the press, enter the actual author’s (or authors’) information at this point (If unsure of author’s citizenship and domicile, check contract).
        • For multi-author volumes, use names of volume editors.
        • The author-created work is usually only text, even if the book contains images.
      • Claimants

        • This is the WVU Press unless otherwise stated. The transfer statement is “By written agreement.”
      • Limitation of Claim

        • Leave this section blank
      • Rights and Permissions

        • Fill out with Press’s information
      • Correspondent

        • Fill out with Derek’s information
      • Mail Certificate

        • Fill out with Press’s information
  5. Pay

    • After reviewing claim for correctness, click “Checkout”
    • Choose “Pay with Credit Card/ACH”
    • Scroll down to Option 2 and enter info for credit card (Derek has the card). Click Continue.
    • Enter Derek’s e-mail and submit payment
    • Print the page with payment information on it. This goes into the production folder in the contracts with the CIP printout. Click Continue.
  6. Choose “Upload Deposit.” Upload file and enter work’s title as the name. Submit & Logout.